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PainQx is an A.I. powered digital medical device company that has developed a method to objectively measure chronic pain. The PainQx platform achieves this by assessing neural activity in the form of electroencephalography (EEG) acquired from a patient’s brain. This EEG data is then processed and decoded through proprietary algorithms. The output is a scaled pain biomarker that correlates to a patient’s chronic pain state.

Following a med-tech SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model, the PainQx device known as the ALGOS platform uses mobile, low-cost quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) to provide an objective, accurate measurement of pain through cloud-based software, delivered to the clinical environment in real-time, on a pay-per-use or subscription basis. All hardware components used for EEG data acquisition are off-the-shelf ready, inexpensive, and portable with high clinical utility and ease-of-use, requiring no development from PainQx.
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New York
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United States
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ALGOS Platform
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