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BioSapien Inc. is an early-stage biotech company developing novel biodegradable implantable products that deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for oncology indications.

BioSapien’s 3D-printed biodegradable implantable mesh MedChip enables precision delivery of FDA approved drugs directly to cancerous cells. The MedChip’s sophisticated ability for controlled drug release means only a fraction of the typical dose is required, thus reducing harmful side-effects and dramatically reducing costs associated with traditional systemic intravenous chemotherapy. Our solution is a dissolvable mesh that has the chemotherapy drugs inside it and the mesh sits on top of the tumor body. It does not require the frequent hospital visits that IV chemotherapy does as it has a continuously controlled slow-release as per in-vitro data.

Beyond oncological applications, there are other pipeline drugs that can be delivered via our technology: hormones, steroids, etc.
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BioSapien Inc.