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Glysantis is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing first-in-class nanomedicines to treat solid tumors. We have leveraged our proprietary NanoDendrix glycogen nanoparticle platform to spin out two early stage oncology programs. GLY-100 is a TLR targeting nanoparticle that induces a strong innate immune response in cancer and immune cells, with the potential to enhance standard-of-care chemotherapy and immunotherapy in hard-to-treat patient populations. GLY-200 is a nanoparticle-drug conjugate for the preferential delivery of anti-cancer agents to cancer cells. Our near-term goals are to accelerate pre-clinical development of our lead candidate GLY-100 and to bolster in-house discovery and optimization of GLY-200.
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GLY-100, a TLR targeting cancer immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumors
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