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Lauren Sciences LLC is unique New York biotech, a 2018 BIO winner and 1st Place Winner Global Healthcare Innovation at BIO 2019. Solves greatest medical challenge in brain disease treatment – most therapeutic agents, incl. biologicals, do not cross BBB – with breakthrough V-Smart® Nanotechnology. Innovative V-Smart® Platform: non-invasive, dual-targeted BBB delivery of non-brain penetrant therapeutic agents to CNS. Transformative V-Smart® Pipeline: V-Smart® Nanomedicines, w/de-risked therapeutic agents, for CNS, neurodegenerative, rare/orphan, brain diseases/neurological indications, incl. ALS, Parkinson’s, Chronic Pain, Brain Cancer, Neuro-HIV, Alzheimer’s. Achieves: 12 foundation grant awards; 6 pre-clinical pipeline products; 18 peer-reviewed journal publications; 35 research presentations; 7 scientific meeting posters; 10 patent family portfolio estate; 5-member MAB/SAB; V-Smart® license from Ben Gurion University, Israel; “Patients are waiting, but they can’t wait patiently®”.
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New York
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United States
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LAUR-301 (V-Smart®-GDNF for ALS); LAUR-101 (V-Smart®-GDNF for PD) )
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Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Lauren Sciences LLC