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The founding scientists of GNT Pharma have delineated mechanisms underlying nerve cell death occurring in stroke, trauma, and neurodegenerative diseases and discovered therapeutic targets for the interventional therapy that is for medical unmet needs. The drug candidates of GNT Pharma were derived from novel findings that aspirin and sulfasalazine, salicylate derivatives widely used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, protected neurons as a low affinity NMDA receptor antagonist and antioxidant. Through the rational drug design, GNT Pharma discovered chemical structures essential for neuroprotective effects and has established novel chemical libraries with promising efficacy and safety that are enough to advance to clinical stage. Results from phase II and III clinical trials suggest that our drug candidates, nelonemdaz and crisdesalazine, hold a promise for novel breakthrough therapies for stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.
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Korea - South Korea
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nelonemdaz, crisdesalazine, flusalazine
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