What is a Universal Influenza Vaccine and How Do We Get There?

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Over the last decade governments, thought leaders and industry have been discussing the need and the viability of a “universal flu” vaccine. Academic researchers and vaccine innovators have been applying novel development technologies to this issue and yet it is still unclear to many how these vaccines will work. What are the potential regulatory complexities? How will these new vaccines be used during seasonal flu seasons? What is their impact on the standard quadrivalent flu vaccines? How might they help with national preparedness against pandemic influenza outbreaks?

This panel will discuss both the scientific possibility as well as the policy and commercial implications of universal flu. Participants will also help define what the term means and the iterative stages of innovation that we should anticipate over the next 5-10 years.
President, Global Immunization
Head of North America Commercial Operations
Sanofi Pasteur
Founder, President, & CEO
FluGen, Inc