Beyond the Needle: Novel Approaches to Vaccine Delivery

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Iinnovation in the development of vaccines is not just limited to the vaccine itself. Over the last few years there have been numerous advances in the technologies of vaccine delivery. These new mechanisms could decrease the need for a cold chain system, reduce side effects due to injections and improve storage and handling. Novel delivery systems are an important focus for global health, as they may help reduce the cost of large immunization programs. But transitioning from traditional syringes and vials for existing vaccines will have both regulatory and manufacturing costs.

This panel will include delivery system developers, vaccine manufacturers and global health leaders. The panelists will discuss the potential impact these new mechanisms can have, the business implications of transitioning to new delivery systems, and the best ways to transition to new devices. Companies with novel delivery systems will share data on how their mechanism can help achieve our public health goals.
Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations
Vaxart, Inc
Director of Vaccine Drug Product Development and New Technologies
Merck & Co.
SVP, Vaccine Development Alliances
Vaxess Technologies, Inc.