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Sparrow, a development-stage specialty pharmaceutical company, is raising $20M Series A preferred equity to develop novel, proprietary products on a global basis to treat both types of Cushing’s syndrome.

Excess production of a natural steroid, cortisol, from a tumor causes endogenous Cushing’s, a rare disease with 12,000 US patients. Sparrow will next conduct a Phase 2 clinical trial of its late stage asset that already has clinical proof-of-concept in endogenous Cushing’s.

Long-term exposure to steroid drugs, e.g. prednisone, causes exogenous Cushing’s. Two million US patients are at risk because they rely on steroids to control autoimmune diseases, blood cancers, and transplant rejection. According to the Healthcare Cost and
Utilization Project, steroids are responsible for over 10% of all drug side effects. Sparrow’s distinct product for exogenous Cushing’s is ready to start Phase 2 clinical development.
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United States
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SPI-62 for endogenous Cushing's syndrome
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