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Varigen Biosciences is a pre-clinical drug discovery company focused on biosynthesizing
new natural product drug leads directly from microbial DNA. Previously inaccessible natural product molecules hidden in the “dark matter” of microbial genomes represent untapped chemical space selected by evolution to modulate biological function. <0.1% of these molecules have been interrogated in historical screening programs. Imagine what new medicines might be found in the other 99.9%. Varigen’s synthetic biology-based, meta/genomic data-driven discovery engine is ten times faster than conventional methods due to new molecular genetic tools and expertise in the manipulation and expression of big DNA. We transfer the blueprints encoded in DNA that direct the biosynthesis of these cryptic molecules to cells engineered to produce them, which can be further modified to generate different unnatural structural variants that improve the activity and properties of the original lead structure.
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United States
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Library of novel small molecules
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Varigen Biosciences