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Improve your research by converting endpoint assays to real-time data output. 490 BioTech’s self-activating bioluminescent technologies are drop in replacements for fluorescent/bioluminescent assays that allow any cell to continuously emit light and autonomously adjust intensity to reflect real-time changes in metabolism, toxicity, biomarker transcription, localization, differentiation state, or any desired cellular metric.

This breakthrough, called autobioluminescence, removes uneven excitation and emission in 3D culture applications, allows the distribution, health, and propagation of implanted cells to be tracked in real-time in animal models, eliminates fluorescent background, and removes the need to sacrifice precious samples concurrent with luciferin exposure. Enable new capabilities and accelerate your research by producing more data, reducing costs, and enabling continuous automated tracking using 490 BioTech’s autobioluminescent technology.
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United States
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Autobioluminescent Transfection Reagent
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