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Cybrexa Therapeutics is a private oncology-focused biotech developing a new class of therapeutics based on our alphalex™ platform. Our alphalex™ platform allows small molecule anti-cancer agents to penetrate cell membranes only at the low pH associated with the tumor microenvironment and tumor cells, directly delivering drugs to tumors. It enables antigen-independent targeting of tumors and metastases with deep tissue penetration for small molecule anti-cancer drugs. Cybrexa is able to:

- Rapidly bring novel compounds with robust IP to pivotal studies

- Enable highly potent drugs and combination therapies that are currently limited by toxicity

The company anticipates its lead program, CBX-12 (alphalex™-exatecan), will enter Phase I/II in early 2021. CBX-12 is an alphalex™ conjugate that includes the highly potent topoisomerase I inhibitor exatecan. CBX-12 was selected based on its strong efficacy and solid safety profile demonstrated to date in preclinical studies.
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Cybrexa Therapeutics