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Adipo Therapeutics was founded to develop a treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) through localized, sustained, nanoparticle-delivered Notch inhibition to induce adipose browning. Browning transforms energy storing white fat into energy burning brown fat, causing weight loss and glucose lowering. Adipo expects this patented therapy to be widely accepted by physicians treating patients with T2D, where injectable treatment is well established. Adipo validated the proof-of-principal in preclinical obesity models, demonstrating browning, weight loss and glucose lowering. Adipo in funded by an angel investor, Purdue Research Foundation, Elevate Ventures and an NIH SBIR grant. Adipo plans to develop its asset through proof-of-concept in patients (Phase 2 FDA clinical trial) followed by licensing to a pharmaceutical company in diabetes. Adipo Therapeutics is led by a team experienced in developing, registering, manufacturing and commercializing products in diabetes and obesity.
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United States
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Adipo Notch-Inhibitor Nanoparticle
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Adipo Therapeutics