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AptamiR Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing revolutionary treatments for human obesity and related metabolic disorders. Based on an innovative strategy targeting subcutaneous fat cells rather than the central nervous system or the intestinal absorption of food, AptamiR has designed microRNA-targeted therapeutics that enhance lipid oxidation, mitochondrial activity and thermogenesis, turning fat-storing white adipocytes into fat-burning adipocytes (brown-like, brite or beige).
MicroRNAs are attractive drug targets for complex diseases like diabesity and NAFLD, as they simultaneously modulate the expression of several genes.
Significant improvements in body weight, glucose control, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol and liver steatosis are achieved by AptamiR’s drug candidates.
AptamiR is also developing drug delivery systems that can specifically target human adipocytes and hepatocytes for various therapeutic loads.
AptamiR is now seeking to raise tranc
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United States
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miR-22 Antagomirs
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