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Theranano LLC was established to translate nanomedicine technologies developed at Northeastern University. The InCeRT-DTX (ImplaNts for ChemoRadiation Therapy) technology for Local Chemo-Radiation Therapy (LCRT), utilizes drug releasing spacers physically similar to inert spacers currently used in radiation brachytherapy but loaded with drugs. The slow sustained release of docetaxel, in situ, from the INCeRT-DTX spacers and consequent 3-dimensional intra-tumor biodistribution will provide sustained anti-tumor killing, with minimal normal tissue toxicity both local and systemic, proffering a new mode of LCRT for prostate and other cancers. Under a $2M NIH Phase II STTR grant, we will complete IND-enabling studies and secure approval of the IND application by early 2022. To date Theranano has raised $2.750M in grant funding. We are currently seeking $5M from a combination of private equity and government grants for conducting a Phase I clinical trial in 2022.
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United States
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Late 2014
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InCERT-DTX implants
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Theranano LLC