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Ovensa Inc. is a preclinical stage company developing a siRNA drug candidate silencing the overexpression of galectin-1 (Gal-1) in cancer.

Our preclinical data in recurrent glioblastoma, published in peer-reviewed journals, have shown that our siRNA (intranasal) combined with Temozolomide or checkpoint inhibitors had synergistic benefits and significantly improved median and long-term survival.

Gal-1 is a glycan-binding protein playing major roles in cancer by modulating different processes leading to metastasis, recurrence, enhanced cancer stem cell properties, resistance towards treatments (e.g. immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy), and bad tumor prognosis.

Ovensa has entered into R&D collaborations with pharmaceutical companies for the use of its non-viral and non-lipidic TRIOZAN™ Nanomedicine Platform for targeted as well as mucosal and BBB-crossing drug delivery.

The company is looking for co-development partners or licensing its siRNA and DDS platform.
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