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I am Lucas one of the co-founders at ProteinQure. We combine different computational approaches to help engineer protein therapeutics. Helping to create leads for new targets and improving the properties of existing leads (such as solubility, immunogenicity and specificity). Our physics based methods are less data dependent than other computational approaches. We exclusively partner with pharma companies, including our first few collaborations with large pharma (including AstraZeneca). We don't sell software, our partners provide the target and keep the resulting new chemical entities. All of our programs involve wetlab validation and focus on areas where data availability is often a challenge (GPCR and intracellular targets, incorporation of non-natural amino acids etc.). We focus on novel peptides optimized for binding, specificity and other pharmacokinetic properties.We also engineer proteins to incorporate multiple binding domains.

We are a 16 person company based in Toronto.
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