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Biorchestra is an innovative biotechnology company with an RNA-based therapy platform that can control both single and multiple mRNAs. In addition, our proprietary “Smart Drug Delivery System” can safely and effectively transport drugs to desired locations, thereby enabling us to develop optimal RNA drugs. We have developed multiple mRNA-regulated microRNA antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) with a brain-specific drug delivery system as therapeutics to control diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases caused by various protein dysfunctions. Unlike DNA-targeted therapeutics that can be permanently inserted into the chromosome, RNA-based therapeutics are temporary, thus reducing irreversible cellular DNA changes that increase the risk of tumorigenesis.
Our other RNA platform, the mRNA drug platform, is an mRNA system capable of expressing viral antigens or cancer neoantigens.
And BMD-001, a treatment for Alzheimer's disease, is currently being developed in the pre-clinical stage.
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Korea - South Korea
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RNA Therapeutics
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