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Synendos aims to develop breakthrough safe and effective therapies for neuropsychiatric disorders through the modulation of a new drug target that enables restoration of natural functioning of the brain. Synendos' current focus is on anxiety and mood-related diseases with high unmet medical need as post-traumatic stress disorder. Synendos advances the preclinical and clinical development of selective endocannabinoid reuptake inhibitors (first-in-class), which are covered by strong IP. An IND enabled, FIH, phase I trial is anticipated by 2022 and will be followed by Phase II. Synendos is developing a parallel de-risking strategy aimed at obtaining fast and cost-effective clinical PoC (Phase Ib) in a relevant CNS disease (small size, defined regulatory route, high unmet need and easy-to-assess endpoint). The financial strategy envisages CHF 20m to reach first clinical PoC. We identified two lead investors (term sheet available) and seek additional investors to complete the syndicate
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First-in-class inhibitors (small molecules)
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Synendos Therapeutics