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Scarab Genomics built its business engineering E. coli and now offers C-Flow™, the first ever continuous E. coli fermentation platform for biopharmaceuticals production. Enabled by stable, efficient, patented, reduced genome strains, we sell research grade vaccine carrier protein CRM197 made by C-flow™. Our 30-day continuous process yields 4.5 kg/month before purification at a mere 10-liter scale. Initial product emerges within days of colony streaking. Conditions are optimized on the fly for rapid process development, which, along with small footprint (~200sq ft.) and high level production, makes C-Flow™ suitable for rapid responses to pandemics such as Covid-19 or bioterrorism. At even 1-L scale C-Flow™ could efficiently address needs for orphan drugs and personalized medicine. Scarab’s pipeline includes vaccine carrier proteins exoprotein A and protein D, SC/Abs and plasmid DNAs. Scarab seeks financing to build the C-Flow™ factory of the future and licensees for the process.
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United States
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C-Flow continuous bacterial fermentation
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