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For nearly 100 years Nikon has been a critical part of life science discovery, providing technology to unlock unseen worlds and collect groundbreaking data. The Nikon BioImaging Lab in Cambridge, MA, supports the biotech industry by providing imaging assay services via simple contracts for startups and large companies alike. These contracts provide access to cutting-edge imaging technology, skilled experts, and a wide array of image-based assays and applications. The Nikon BioImaging Lab is a state-of-the-art, contract imaging facility that provides advanced technologies to support the burgeoning regenerative medicine and biotech sectors. At the lab, Nikon offers the expertise and equipment required to carry out simple to complex imaging assays that are compatible with a variety of sample types including cells, tissues and organoids. Customers can choose from a menu of ready-made assays or can work application scientists to develop custom assays.
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