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DermaXon is a Montana-based drug discovery and development company providing first in-class drug candidates. DermaXon targets the brain-skin connection to discover and develop novel therapeutic strategies to treat life-threatening diseases and disorders such as pain, pruritus and genetic disorders of skin keratinization. The company core technology is based on the design and development of small molecules modulating multiple targets or inhibiting the degradation of endogenous molecules exhibiting polypharmacology. This polypharmacological approaches aim to understand and optimize the unknown off-targets activities for existing small molecules such as cannabinoids or retinoic acid. DermaXon uses medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, artificial intelligence and RNA sequencing to characterize and identify synergies and overlaps between biological signaling pathways modulated by small molecules.
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United States
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Small molecule targeting congenital ichthyosis
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DermaXon LLC