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BioCurity is developing topical and IV drugs to protect healthy, noncancerous tissue during radiation therapy for cancer patients and cancer survivors worldwide. The damage to healthy tissue from radiation causes medical complications. Examples are skin burns, scarring, pneumonia, loss of taste, and loss of speech. Our proposed drugs which have been preclinically tested do not impair the effectiveness of the radiation therapy yet reduce side effects. IV and topical formulations have been tested in breast, lung, head & neck, prostate, and colorectal cancers. The costs and waste in the healthcare system for treating medical complications from radiotherapy account for $3B in inpatient care expenditures annually in the US. Over 6 million new patients receive radiation therapy globally each year. The market demand and unmet need for this proposed supportive product are undeniable. The company holds its own IP internationally as well as licensed IP for the US that is royalty-free.
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United States
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Topical to prevent/mitigate damage to skin for breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy
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BioCurity Pharmaceuticals Inc.