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LignaMed, LLC is developing breakthrough treatments for lung diseases and conditions. The lead candidate LGM2605/LGM1506 is a breakthrough first in class, synthetic small molecule lignan for the treatment of severe asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. LGM2605 can reverse progression of the pulmonary fibrosis without serious side effects and could be available in multiple formulations (oral, nasal, IV & SQ). LGM2605 has a unique three-prong mechanism of action to impact reactive oxygen species (ROS) through: a) direct free radical scavenging, b) activation of the Nrf2/ARE transcriptional pathway and c) inhibition of pro-inflammatory gene activation. LGM2605 is highly pharmaceutically tractable including desirable physiochemical properties and oral bioavailability. PK/PD studies in mouse and non-human primates have shown good oral, intravenous and subcutaneous distribution.
OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: Use LGM2605 to increase the number & quality of donor lungs available for transplant.
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