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Mitochondria in Motion, (MiM) is a biotech Co. that will clinically advance and commercialize first-in-class mitofusin activators which improve mitochondrial function by correcting mitochondrial dys-dynamism in genetic, traumatic, and iatrogenic neurodegenerative diseases (ND). Our first indication is Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT)2A, caused by mutations of our drugs’ target, mitofusin (MFN)2. Loss of MFN2 function suppresses mitochondrial fusion and trafficking. With no disease-altering therapy, most CMT2A affected children are permanently non-ambulatory by age 20. Similar neuronal mitochondrial phenotypes are observed in CMT1, ALS, HD, frontotemporal dementia, and CIPN. MiM’s compounds bind to MFNs, altering their conformation to enhance activity, and thereby mitochondrial fitness. As the first compounds that directly improve mitochondrial dynamism, approval of mitofusin activators opens the door to a new and fundamentally different therapeutic approcach to ND.
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United States
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Mitofusin Agonists
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