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PrEP Biopharm is a privately held, UK-based, clinical stage biopharma company founded in 2015 as a spinout from J&J. We are developing PrEP-001 Nasal Powder (PNP) as a once-daily, pan-viral prophylaxis for respiratory viral infections, including COVID-19.

To date, in double-blind placebo-controlled phase 2a challenge studies with influenza A and rhinovirus, daily PNP has demonstrated an ability to significantly reduce the frequency of illness, severity and duration of symptoms and viral shedding (while nevertheless allowing seroconversion). Also, in mouse models, PrEP-001 prophylaxis has been shown to be effective against SARS and MERS. Recent data indicate that SARS-CoV-2 is substantially more interferon sensitive than SARS-CoV-1 meaning that the innate immune response triggered by PNP could well be even more effective against COVID-19.

We are currently seeking a partner for late stage development of PNP.
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