Having inhouse manufacturing capabilities gives cell and gene therapy developers a competitive advantage

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As cell and gene therapies progress through the clinic, developers are looking to secure manufacturing capabilities. Within the CDMO space, unprecedented demand for services is driving facility expansions and a whole new M&A focus. But a growing number of end-users are opting to move away from outsourcing partners and invest in their own cell and gene networks. Pfizer is building a $500 million NC plant, Novartis bought its CAR-T CDMO CellForCure, and Astellas acquired Audentes for $3 billion, citing the addition of an AAV facility as motivation. So will having inhouse capabilities provide an advantage as the sector matures? This panel hopes to find out…

Chair: Dan Stanton, BioProcess Insider
Panelist: Joe Rininger, Latham Biopharm Group
Panelist: Felix Hsu, SVP and Global Head, WuXi Advanced Therapies
Panelist: TBA, Miltenyi Biotech
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