Plasmid manufacturing excellence – the foundation for multiple new modalities

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Gene and cell therapy as well as other new modalities, like RNA treatments and DNA vaccinations, are rapidly evolving and highly promising areas of drug development in the last decade. Increasingly, plasmid DNA (pDNA) is the starting material for these modalities. A highly reliable supply of non-GMP and cGMP grade pDNA is a crucial element in the future of bio-pharmaceutical development. AGC Biologics has established a comprehensive toolbox of host cells, fermentation procedures, alkaline lysis steps as well as purification platforms that can be optimally adapted to each specific customer need. With a 10-year proven track record in commercial plasmid production and a highly customizable approach for all plasmid needs, AGC Biologics is a center of excellence for high quality pDNA.

Speaker - Mario Kraft, Head of Process Development, AGC Biologics
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