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Versatope Therapeutics is developing a transformative and highly effective platform for improving immunotherapy and vaccines with exosome-like vesicles. We have lead programs for a pan-coronavirus vaccine and universal influenza vaccine in development. Versatope uses nano-sized vesicles derived from probiotic cell membranes. These exosomes, also known as recombinant outer membrane vesicles (rOMVs), can be engineered to deliver therapeutics and vaccines with superior versatility and potency. Our vesicles have demonstrated efficacy in multiple animal models (mice and ferrets). For influenza, it has the potential to eliminate the need for yearly immunizations and offers greater protection against a wider range of viruses than the current seasonal influenza vaccine. As a strategic partnership technology, the vesicles are a versatile platform for the delivery of genes/antigens, including therapeutic peptides, antibodies for immuno-oncology, RNA and even small molecules.
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United States
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Universal Influenza Vaccine
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Versatope Therapeutics, Incorporated