Invest in Italia: focus on Piemonte, Fiuli Venezia Giulia, and Apulia

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The Friuli Venezia Giulia: the slideshow presents the territorial, logistic, and economic aspects of the region, showing some of the benefits that potential investors can access. Plus, it explains the added value of this territory and its settlement opportunities, by displaying the Region’s distinctive specializations and focusing on the innovative and lively Life Sciences industry.

BIONINDUSTRY PARK is a technological hub located in Piemonte. Its goal is to enhance research results in the healthcare sector and turn them into technological innovations that meet clear needs and sustain the launch, growth, and development of innovative and globally competitive companies.

The Apulia regional government stands out for its commitment to investment in research and innovation and is focused mainly on smart technologies and providing a significant boost to hi-tech sectors. Through Puglia Sviluppo, the regional agency, potential investors in Apulia can access a raft of incentives.