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Xfibra, Inc. has developed a family of proprietary small peptides for the treatment of inflammatory and fibrotic diseases.

These first–in-class peptides block the pro-inflammatory and the pro-fibrotic cascades by a highly targeted mechanism of action.

XFB-19 , the lead therapeutic compound, allosterically blocks a specific phosphorylation on C/EBP beta, mouse Thr217 (or the equivalent human Thr266), without inhibiting unphosphorylated C/EBP beta or any of the excitatory kinases in that pathway.

Pro-inflammatory immune cells, including M1 macrophages, and pro-fibrotic myofibroblasts are dependent upon phospho-C/EBP beta Thr217 for their activity.

XFB-19 has outstanding molecular target engagement in cellular systems at pM concentrations.

XFB-19 has outstanding molecular target engagement (90-100 % ) and anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic efficacy (90-100 %) in animal models of inflammation and fibrosis.

XFB-19 has an excellent safety profile.
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