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Hesperos, Inc. is accelerating drug development and discovery by using its Human-on-a-Chip®, multi-organ platform to provide analytic services as a contract research organization (CRO). These services provide guidance on the choice of which drug to take into clinical trials by changing the preclinical drug evaluation process, especially for rare diseases. Hesperos has also created systems to determine therapeutic index for compounds that enable them to work directly with medicinal chemists to improve lead compound selection efficacy.

This is done by recreating the functional aspect of human organs on multiorgan microchips in a serum-free recirculating medium. This new technology is helping pharmaceutical researchers, large and small, make more informed decisions on which drugs to move forward with, ultimately bringing patients new therapeutics cheaper and quicker than ever possible before.

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United States
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Services based upon human-on-a-chip systems for pre-clinical applications
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