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KaiPharm is an AI-Data-driven drug discovery company located in Seoul, Korea. Our technology/platform includes NGS-based large-scale drug-induced transcriptome and KMAP, which provide deep & rich information on Drug mode-of-action.
KMAP is a globally unique platfor, which is NGS-based full transcriptomic profiling for thousands of drugs & compounds. We are seeking for partnership leveraging KMAP and our expertise in data science - bioinformatics/cheminformatics & machine learning.
Drug development fails more often than succeeds, frequently due to insufficient knowledge on drug actions. Our data-driven approach leverages KMAP to provide genome-scale information on drug mode-of-action, applicable to i) Repurposing drugs, ii) Target ID, iii) Lead selection, iv) natural product development, and v) informed Go/No-Go decision.
Transcriptome profiles for any drug candidates can be generated under the same conditions as in KMAP. KaiPharm handles every step from cell culture, compound treatment, transcriptome profiling , and in silico analyses. We offer flexible options for partnership such as fee-for-service or collaborative projects.
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