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OrganFactory is a biotech company pursuing organoid-based in vitro disease modeling and patient-specific drug discovery based on induced pluripotent stem (iPSC) and direct conversion cell technology.
OrganFactory would like to link their world-class reprogramming technology with organoid works for developing more robust and in vivo-like organoid production. OrganFactory have established more than 50 iPSC lines from various neuro degenerative diseases and neuro developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and moreover, they have developed several key technologies for robustly generating organoids from iPSCs which represent distinct human organs such as brain and liver.
To apply their scientific findings from lab to industry, OrganFactory has been further developing a couple of key technologies for producing organoids with constant quality in industry scale.

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Company HQ State:
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Company HQ Country:
Korea - South Korea
Year Founded:
400,000 USD
Main Therapeutic Focus:
Lead Product in Development:
High-speed and industry-scale organoid production and drug discovery platforms
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