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The BioCollective was founded in 2015 by Jack Gilbert, PhD, Suzanne Vernon PhD and Martha Carlin to address the need for quality samples and standardization of methods in microbiome research. Our understanding of the importance and breadth of uses of fecal samples in emerging areas of microbiome-based diagnostics and therapeutics drove the product development of our patented BioCollector™, as well as establishing suitable methods for standardizing the collection and homogenization of whole fecal samples. Our products improve the quality, comparability and expanded use of fecal samples in microbiome research.
Our TruMatrix™ microbiome references line of products, is fulfilling the need for true reference standards to validate the process of data generation and proficiency testing in microbiome research and uses of samples across multiomics platforms.
We have pioneered methods and product development in this emerging “dirty job” working closely with partners in pharma and federal agencies with the mission of setting industry standards (e.g., NIST).
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TruMatrix™ Microbiome and TruMatrix™ Metabolome are homogeneous and stable whole fecal reference materials for genomics and metabolomics standardization in diagnostics, research, proficiency testing and clinical data efficacy validation. Similar to the early days of PCR, when applications preceded quality control reagents, microbiome genomics and metabolomics lack adequate standardized quality control validation products to maximize product development and diagnosis in the nascent microbiome field. The TruMatrix™ line of products address this unmet market need.
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The BioCollective, LLC