From target to hit — The WuXi HitS platform

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WuXi AppTec has recently launched the HitS (Hit Success) business unit to better serve early stage drug discovery. WuXi’s goal is to provide more and better hit molecules against targets of interest, and to help set the stage for follow-up Med-Chem optimization. We possess expertise in the production of all protein target classes, including solubilized membrane proteins and challenging protein complexes. A core strength of our HitS business unit is the WuXi DNA-Encoded Library platform (WuXi DEL). With a team of 40 library chemists and 6000 proprietary scaffolds, we have constructed more than 200 DEL libraries displaying >90 billion different small-molecule structures. Complementing our WuXi DEL approach, we have also built a “rule-of-three” compliant fragment screening platform which can be interrogated by MST, SPR, NMR, or X-ray crystallography. Hit confirmation may be accomplished with a number of different biophysical assays, and our team has particular expertise in label-free MST. Lastly, generation of ligand bound x-ray crystal structures (or Cryo-EM) facilitates structure-based medicinal chemistry optimization.
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