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Our company has invented nano-layer-structure that enhances biomedical imaging and censoring by 100-fold.

We build our nano-structure on glass, polymer and/or metal plates, where samples are placed for microscopy imaging and by just change from standard slide to our nano structured slide we transform normal microscopes to super-resolution microscopes.

This is idea behind how we can enable image based diagnostics as we can enable normal microscopes visualize viruses and nanoparticles (3-4Nm) like COVID-19 at the costs of less then 5€ per test.

We are looking collaboration partners globally for taking advantage of our nanotech solutions in their own or jointly build applications. And investors are welcome as well.

Our technology can be used as signal enhancement in various industries even so far we have only build applications for biomedical imaging and enhancement multiplier variating from 4-400X better than compared to normal glass or plastic slide.
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Privately Funded Company
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100-fold enhancement slide and COVID-19 test
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Inventor & CTO
Xfold Imaging Oy