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CycloLab is a private specialty SME with the focus on cyclodextrin research and development for over 30 years. Cyclolab is actively developing several programs in novel applications of cyclodextrins such as drug delivery systems (BBB permeation, targeted delivery, controlled release) and their uses as API (neurodegenerative, antivirals, antibacterials, anticancer, antidotes, etc.). Besides, we develop innovative and added-value (505b2) formulations with small molecules, custom synthesize cyclodextirns and manufacture under GMP on the commercial scale. We develop next generation proprietary cyclodextrins and explore potential applications as well. These are focused in several areas as evaluating cyclodextrins as excipients in new areas like protein stabilization and non-viral gene delivery, fermentation and enzymatic processes, serum free culture media, creating selective and targeted drug delivery systems and evaluation of cyclodextrins as API candidates in various indications.
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