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Vidium Animal Health, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Translational Genomics Research Institute, is an early-stage molecular diagnostics company that provides analysis and treatment recommendations for veterinarians treating pets with cancer. Founded in early 2020, Vidium began selling its first molecular diagnostic for dogs, SearchLight DNA™, in June, 2020. To date, Vidium has performed over 300 SearchLight DNA™ tests on clinical samples. SearchLight DNA™ is a tumor-only DNA panel analyzing a pet’s tumor cells for 120 genes most relevant to the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic options for canine cancer. Tests are sold directly through our website,, and tumor DNA is extracted and sequenced in our fully-equipped laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona. Automated analysis and reporting are performed using our cloud-based bioinformatics pipeline and our exhaustive proprietary knowledgebase of canine and human clinical biomarker associations. Future products will include targeted tests and additional broad-based genomic diagnostics, creating a diversified and comprehensive portfolio. Led by an experienced team with deep expertise in the veterinary market and the science of genomics, Vidium is well-positioned to bring the science of precision medicine to veterinary oncology. What is now standard of care in human medicine will quickly become expected by pet parents and veterinarians.