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Varigen Biosciences is a synthetic biology company focused on manufacturing and creating high-value therapeutic drugs for humans and animals and biocontrol agents for plants. Our vision and goal are to transform the production and discovery of microbial small molecule drugs with genome-enabled products and technologies that are significantly faster, more effective, more affordable, and more universally applicable across major markets than those currently available. Varigen’s suite of proprietary technologies have been used to express over 100 new and old compounds for clients in our CRO offerings. Our strategy is to disrupt drug manufacturing of existing compounds that are challenging and expensive to produce by making them 10 times more affordable to produce. Using new genome mining tools we are producing the next generation of natural product analogs that are safer and more efficacious.
Company Type:
Privately Funded Company
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United States
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Main Therapeutic Focus:
Lead Product in Development:
Cyclosporine, rifamycin, didemnin, rapamycin, taxol
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Varigen Biosciences Corp.