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CrystalsFirst’s mission is to develop breakthrough therapies in oncology and hematology. Our proprietary technology disrupts the access to structural data and opens new opportunities to drug difficult targets.

The biopharma industry faces the challenge to unlock chemical matter for highly validated targets like RAS proteins and other key oncogenic drivers. Existing method fail to deliver viable starting points in early drug discovery. Hence, projects stagnate and patients are not reached.

CrystalsFirst’s platform overcomes these challenges performing primary screens using protein crystals that are stabilized by our proprietary technology SmartSoak. The approach delivered viable starting points and structural data for drug design in multiple commercial projects. Our company has filed three patents for the technology.

CrystalsFirst’s pipeline strategy involves validated targets and pathways targeting oncogenic drivers.
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Privately Funded Company
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SmartSoak Platform
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CrystalsFirst GmbH