Fireside Chat with Organon Leadership: Kevin Ali and Carrie Cox

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (EDT), Monday, June 14, 2021
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Women are leaders of communities, families and society, and their health and wellbeing are proven to be foundational to a healthier and more just world. Yet inequity remains entrenched in our systems of care and medical innovation, and even among healthcare industry leadership. How can biopharma innovators influence the trajectory of healthcare, gender equity, and diversity of thought to better match the urgency of women’s health needs – and create greater impact in addressing them?

Fresh off a highly anticipated spinoff from Merck, Organon CEO Kevin Ali and Chairman of the Board Carrie Cox join BIO’s own Michelle McMurry-Heath to discuss why so many women’s health needs remain unmet; how innovators can advance a diverse, global approach to change this reality; and why women deserve not only increased attention and new solutions – but an entirely new approach.

Key topics for discussion include:

  • Health inequity and disparities in medical innovation

  • Advances, challenges in women’s health

  • Reframing innovation to benefit women

  • Gender equity within Board of Directors and industry

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