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Martha Carlin

Denver, Colorado, United States
Martha Carlin is an award-winning systems thinker bringing her decades of executive leadership to the challenge of the expanding microbiome field. Carlin is a citizen scientist who applied her business systems skills to understanding her husband’s Parkinson’s Disease and changing the siloed approach to his disease management.
She is a Colorado 2020 Titan 100 CEO, 2018 NetExplo Major Digital Talent in biotech; NBJ Innovator of the Year, an APC Microbiome Hero for World Microbiome Day; 2016 White House Microbiome Initiative Speaker, and an advisor for the Microbiota Vault, . She believes that a siloed approach to health research misses important microbial connections. BioCollective’s expanded vision of the uses of microbiome samples and more robust and comparable data across platforms is new markets in an emerging field for the second time in her career.
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The BioCollective was founded in 2015 by Jack Gilbert, PhD, Suzanne Vernon PhD and Martha Carlin to…