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Jacob Glanville, PhD

South San Francisco, California, United States
Jacob Glanville is Founder & CEO of Centivax, previously Co-Founder & CEO of Distributed Bio. Authored: 35 publications, including seminal methods in repertoire analysis (PNAS 2009, Nature 2017, Nature Biotech, 2014, Nature Communications 2015, Nature Reports 2016, PNAS 2011, TI 2017), and computationally guided antibody library engineering (JMB 2011, JMB 2013, COSB 2015). Inventions & IP: Centivax Universal Vaccines, Centivax bnAb portfolio, VDJFasta, CRL SuperHuman, CRL Tumbler, Twist TAO, Twist GPCRlib, Isogenica VHHlib, and AbCheck AbAccel. Grants/Awards: Gates Grand Challenge “Ending the Pandemic Threat,” NIH SBIR, 2021 MTEC “Prototype of the Year Award for Technology Development with Outstanding Progress and High Military Need,” Stanford SAC SPCAAR, USF Biotech SAB, USAC affiliate professor, Gates Foundation/Stanford CSI Grant, Pfizer Achievement Award, multiple awards from NMRC, WRAIR and NIIMBL.
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Centivax is a clinical stage company that leverages our computational bioengineering platforms to…