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Chiachin Sheu

Taoyuan, Taiwan
1993 M.S. School of Packaging, Michigan State University, USA
1988 M.S. Department of Food Technology, Iowa State University, USA
1982 B.S. Department of Chemistry, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Previous Positions:
1995-Present Tah Chwen Food Co., Ltd., Taiwan, member of the Board
1995-Present Kong Yen Food Co., Ltd. Taiwan, member of the Board
1995-2001 Tah Chwen Food Co., Ltd. Taiwan, Operation Manager
1993-1995 Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Taiwan, Associate Scientist
1990-1993 Armour Swift-Eckrich, a division of ConAgra Inc., USA, Food Scientist & QA Manager

Current Positions:
1999-Present Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd; President

Major Research Interests:
 Medicinal fungus fermentation and their downstream processing
 Early-stage drug discovery from fermented fungus mycelia
 Quality control of fermentation products
 Yeast (Pichia) fermentation to express recombinant proteins/enzymes and their purification processes
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Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.(SBC), established in 1998, is a privately held company located in Taipei,…