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Luigi Aurisicchio

Roma, Rome, Italy
Molecular Biologist by training and currently Founder, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer at Takis srl, Evvivax srl and NeoMatrix srl, three Biotech companies operating in the Castel Romano Scientific Park, Rome. In addition, he is Founder and President at Vitares, a no profit organization.
While at Merck, he contributed to the characterization of a variety of gene delivery methods that include recombinant Adenovirus vectors (Ad) and DNA electroporation (DNA-EP) bringin to the clinic 5 products.
At the end of 2009 he founded Takis Biotech. He currently leads a group of 30 scientists. In 2016 he founded Evvivax, dedicated to Vet Vaccines.
Recently in collaboration with Rottapharm Biotech, Takis has developed COVID-eVax currently in Phase I clinical trial. Evvivax in collaboration with Applied DNA Sciences (USA) is developing LineaCOVID-19 vaccine for cats and minks.
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EVVIVAX is a Biotech Company created in June 2016 as a spin off from Takis, a Biotech created by a…