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Patricia Vollmer

Pat Vollmer is a biotechnology manufacturing professional currently employed by Visterra Inc as Senior Director of Manufacturing and Clinical Supply. At Visterra, Pat established and maintains a virtual supply chain for the company’s lead antibody-derived clinical candidates, from the outsourcing of cell line development to production of drug product and supply and distribution to clinical sites.

Pat began her career working at one of the first biotechnology companies, Genex Corp, where she developed a patented process using yeast to produce phenylalanine. Next came a stint with Abbott making drug product, and next Ecogen where she developed and managed outsourced manufacturing of bacterially derived biopesticides. Moving into pharmaceuticals, Pat spent a substantial amount of time at Genetics/Institute/Wyeth leading an in-house manufacturing team for the development and licensure of the four lead biopharmaceuticals produced in mammalian and microbial systems. Pat went on to work at virtual biopharmaceutical development companies Dyax, leading CMC efforts that resulted in licensure of a yeast-derived biopharmaceutical, and to Aveo, and eventually Visterra.
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4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (EDT)
Thursday, June 17