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Tom Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat

Boston , Massachusetts, United States
Tom Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat, is Chief Technology Officer of Genuity Science and Founding Director of the company’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory. Tom is responsible for the development and execution of global AI/Machine Learning R&D strategy, including development of advanced deep learning, statistical machine learning, and probabilistic programming analytics. The aim is to further the scientific understanding of human disease initiation and progression, knowledge that can be directly applied in innovative products for better care and medicine in a range of disease areas. Tom’s work has been published in top-tier scientific journals, including Nature and Science. In 2019, he was named among the top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare by Deep Knowledge Analytics. He is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on AI and causal statistical machine learning in precision medicine.
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Genuity Science is a data, analytics and insights organization headquartered in Boston,…