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Marshall Hayward, PhD

Jupiter, Florida, United States
I am a biochemist / molecular biologist and have work in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 40 years. I initially worked on the molecular mechanism of steroid hormone action, progressing to research in drug discovery and pharmaceutical development. Utilization of advanced formulation and drug delivery technologies for drug development then expanded my research and development interests as part of managerial responsibilities. My initial involvement Jupiter Orphan was to develop an advanced drug delivery platform with extraordinary resveratrol bioavailability, which is necessary to deliver the high dose loading required for efficacy while optimizing tolerability. In conjunction with indication specific research leaders, I am now investigating the utility of resveratrol in additional indications, including neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Friedreich’s Ataxia, lysosomal storage diseases with appreciable neurodegenerative aspects, and a range of mitochondrial diseases.
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JOT a Clinical stage company focusing on CNS Diseases JOT is a virtually based company with a…