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Jim Finster, MPA

Aurora, Colorado, United States
Jim Finster joined Lohocla Research Corp. in 2019 as COO/CFO. Previously, Jim had a practice in public administration at the Univ. of Colorado for 16 years. Currently, Jim provides administrative and technological expertise in pursuit of the mission and goals of Lohocla. He is proficient in the appropriate application of information technology to facilitate, monitor, and analyze performance and develops customized software as a “full-stack” builder and server manager. He is also skilled at creating frameworks for collecting and managing data in many formats. In addition, Jim has a long track record of organizing effective, committed, and productive teams. He has broad experience with the management and development of personnel through fostering loyalty and building community as well as substantial experience with project management and business plan development and implementation. Jim received an A.B. from Hamilton College and a M.P.A. from the CU Denver School of Public Affairs.
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