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Veenu Aishwarya

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
An immigrant from India, Veenu Aishwarya is the founder and CEO of two Philadelphia-based biotech companies, AUM LifeTech Inc and AUM BioTech LLC. At AUM LifeTech, Veenu has been strategizing revolutionary concepts to develop innovative biomedical products using self-delivering RNA targeting technology. Veenu has been creating innovative ideas and executing programs to develop nucleic acid therapeutics for various diseases, including cancer, CNS, and viral diseases. Veenu has been successful in establishing academic, federal, and industrial collaborations for the advancement of several preclinical programs.

At AUM BioTech, he focuses on the applications of their self-delivering RNA silencing technology to facilitate discoveries and innovations in biomedical research. In a span of just a few years, under Veenu's leadership, his companies have managed to ship out products to over 27 countries across five continents.
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AUM LifeTech, Inc. is a US-based preclinical stage biotechnology company…